How to Apply

The application is $50 per applicant. We require an application from both the tenant and parent/guardian co-signing. 

For Students

Please indicate your desired move in date. Check the box "I am applying as a tenant"

  • On the "Where you've lived" page: you may use the dorm/apartment you are currently living in, or your home address.
  • For the Monthly Rent type "0" 
  • For the Landlord, type N/A
  • For Landlord Phone Number, type 000-000-oooo
  • ***Under Reason for Leaving*** Please indicate which building/apartment you are applying for, and your anticipated year of graduation. For example, "I am applying for 2464 Hoffman Apartment #7. I will be graduating in 2021. 
  • On "Attach Documents" page, attach a copy of your Student ID or State-issued ID

For Parents

  • Please attach proof of income (this can be in the form of a W-2, tax return, bank statement, employment letter-submit what you are comfortable with, but it needs to show proof of income).
  • Also, please indicate the building you're interested in under "Reasons For Leaving" field. (For example, write "we prefer 2841 Hughes, 2490 Belmont, in that order")

Lease Duration: Leases that start at the end of August can terminate at the end of June.